Home & Auto

With Home & Auto insurance, our job is to insure you with the carrier that fits your situation. Homes are different sizes, in different places and have different values. Similarly, people drive different cars and have diverse driving records. Since there is no single insurance carrier that is the best in every situation, we give our clients access to many of the top insurers in Ohio.
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Farms are one of the largest assets a family can own, and its corresponding coverage can be complex and expensive. It is crucial that farms be covered properly by a knowledgeable farm specialist, to make sure there is ample insurance coverage at a time of loss, and that the premiums are affordable. As an agency centered in rural Ohio, farm insurance has become a staple of our business.
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A business’s relationship with its insurance agency should always be a comfortable fit. Often times, a business’s needs and assets change on a regular basis, making the insurance agency a very important resource for any small business owner. It is always our goal to make each business owner knowledgeable, and comfortable, with their business insurance policy.
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In addition to Home & Auto insurance, Financial Design Insurance Agency offers a wide range of services, such as annuities, life insurance, health insurance, medicare supplements, long term care, and disability insurance.
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