A business’s relationship with its insurance agency should always be a comfortable fit. Often times, a business’s needs and assets change on a regular basis, making the insurance agency a very important resource for any small business owner. While each type of business has its own distinctive needs, our representatives are able to create a familiarity with each client, which allows policy adjustments to be quick and efficient. It is always our goal to make each business owner knowledgeable, and comfortable, with their business insurance policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Typically, insurance for a business is bundled in a package called a business owners’ policy (BOP). Purchasing separate policies from different insurers can result in higher total premiums. A BOP combines typical coverage options into a standard package, and is offered at a premium that is less than if each type of coverage was purchased separately. Normally, BOPs consist of covering property, general liability, vehicles, business interruption and other types of coverage common to most types of businesses. BOPs simplify the insurance buying process and can save you money.

However, not all BOP policies are the same. It is our job to make sure that you are placed with a carrier that has the most comprehensive coverage for your business, while also taking into account the varying costs from one insurer to the next.

At Financial Design Insurance Agency, we understand that a business owner does not need the added stress of worrying about insurance coverage and pricing. We are here to lighten the burden and keep you assured that your coverage is in good hands.